Mittwoch, Juli 15, 2009

semestre closing concert

(semesterabschlusskonzert) yesterday, in the audimax of the technical university kaiserslautern.

Montag, Juli 06, 2009


yes, there are (a few) beautiful buildings in kaiserslautern.

don't miss: neoangin and live-painting and the famous frohlocker dj-set, in the former club cameo (now: black and white) in the kantstraße 10, on saturday. be aware, doors open at 17 o'clock (!).

das letzte was ich *tu* in meinem leben ist sterben

kritik an arbeitswahn? so zumindest verstehe ich spillsbury, die ich jedes dritte posting zitieren mag.

picture: taken in iceland, on the peninsula of snaefallsnes.